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UNIT 3: Criminology


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Tuesday April 6, 2010
What is Crime? Concepts of Justice

Sleepwalking Defence Murder?
Fingerprinting for hybrid offences

Wednesday April 7, 2010
Crime/Justice Continued
See above
See above
Thursday April 8, 2010
Theories of Criminology

Article: Classical View - Why Do People Commit Crimes
Friday April 9, 2010
Theories of Criminology Continued
...the above note has been updated with a few new slides. Make sure you have them all.
Monday April 12, 2010
Pre-Trial Procedures: Fingerprinting

-In class assignment
Tuesday April 13, 2010
Pre-Trial Procedures:
Blood, DNA, Trace Elements
The note above is updated. Look for slides after fingerprinting/dusting instructions.

Wednesday April 14, 2010
Pre-Trial Procedures
No note - assignment instead
-There are 3 groups of 6. Find your group members for your section (each section is different).

Thursday April 15, 2010
Same as above
Same as above
Friday April 16, 2010
Same as above

-Study these notes for the test!
Monday April 19, 2010
--Only study the above notes for the test!!!!!---
In the text: Chapters 8 and 9


Tuesday April 20, 2010
Criminal Trial Principles

-You have a choice of assignments.
1. Check your understanding Page 293, questions 1-5.


2. Create 3 Term Tetrahedrons by selecting 3 different principles found in the text pages 291 - 292. Check the power point presentation for this lesson for directions. A template of the tetrahedron is found below.
Wednesday April 21, 2010
The Jury

Jury Articles: See Ms. N in class for copies
Due: April 22, 2010
Thursday April 22, 2010
They Jury
-See notes above
Jury Articles from above
Friday April 23, 2010
Movie: 12 Angry Men
Movie Activity Sheet: See Ms. N in class.
Due: April 28, 2010
Monday April 26, 2010
Tuesday April 27, 2010
Finish Test and Movie
-Movie sheet for 12 Angry Men due tomorrow!
Wednesday April 28, 2010
Criminal Trial - Evidence!

-Video: The Good Wife
-Assignment: Find 5 examples of criminal trial evidence (or terms found within this note). Define the terms and give a specific example of the term from the show.
Due: Thursday April 29, 2010
Thursday April 29, 2010
Criminal Trial Procedures: DEFENCES!

Friday April 30, 2010
Criminal Trial Procedures: DEFENCES!
-See note above for all Defences

Monday May 3, 2010
Mock Trial Overview
-Groups and Mock Trial packages distributed in class
Tuesday May 4, 2010
Criminal Trial Procedures: Sentencing!

-Time for Mock Trial prep

DUE: Wednesday May 5, 2010: ROUND 1 for Mock Trial materials
Wednesday May 5, 2010
Restorative Justice and Wrongful Convictions

In groups, summarize the following articles and give examples of problems with the legal system
*I would be familiar with at least one of these cases*


Everything from Tuesday April 20, 2010 - Friday May 7, 2010 is game for the test (but not Mock Trial stuff)